Justyna Wojtalik

Justyna_WojtalikShe graduated from Warsaw Medical University majoring in public health, as well as a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Warsaw. She specializes in the marketing of medical services. During last five years she was responsible for brand creation of surgeons and clinics offering medical services in the field of urology, sexology, angiology, cardiology, neurology and aesthetic medicine on Polish and international market.
With medical team and colleagues from the marketing department she implemented on the Polish market of medical services unique medical services such as diagnostic package of erectile dysfunction and Renova treatment and the innovative therapy to treat prostate cancer using HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound ).
Justyna Wojtalik is working on medical tourism market since 2010. At the begining with the coordination of patient stays abroad, mainly from Canada, the UK and Scandinavia. He and his team stay coordinated more than 1,000 patients and their families , offering treatment and stay in Poland at the highest level. She created promotional materials , medical reports and medical offer individually tailored to patients’ needs . Every day we communicate with patients and brand ambassadors around the world through social media.
Justyna Wojtalik was responsible for implementation of project: Promotion of Polish Medical Tourism on International Markets in 2012 -2015. She was also conducting training on the subject of foreign patient coordination for healthcare providers taking part in this project.
Justyna Wojtalik is interested in health promotion and health education. She thinks that their realisation is possible by marketing on the Internet. Website design, blogs and content useful for Internet users is her passion. In her daily work Justyna is preparing promotion campaings and work on social media marketing. She likes to write articles and design video materials about health. All of it for patients to present new diagnostics and treatment methods and to remind about prevention. She is in Medial Travel Partner Team from 2015.


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