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Implementation and realisation of project: Promotion of Polish Medical Tourism on International Markets in 2012 -2015

  • logo projektuAs the Consortium of 3 companies (European Center of Enterprice, AMEDS Centrum, Polish Information & Investment Agency) we realized Polish Medical Tourism Promotion project  for the last 3 years (2012-2015). The project was sponsored and cofinanced by Polish Ministry of Economy.
  • Promotion was dedicated to patients from Great Britain, United States, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
  • We organized 7 trade missions
  • We built business contacts on more than 11 international conferences and summits on medical tourism market
  • We invited 84 business partners and journalists in medical tourism for study tours in Poland
  • We trained more than 30 medical providers from Poland
  • We represented polish healthcare and the high quality of medical serviceies on international market


Promotial video about Polish medical providers

Implementing new innovative medical procedures on the Polish market (urology, sexology, cardiology, neurology, aesthetic medicine)

Implementing strategic sales and marketing plans

  • Brand creation of new clinics and medical centres
  • Websites with medical content
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Medical copywriting
  • PR
  • Creation of promotial materials (ebooks, informational leaflets, video materials)
  • Market research

We collaborated with:

Magdalena Rutkowska publications & trainings:

  1. World Medical Tourism Conference, XI 2013, Global Facilitators Forum
  2. Polish Medical Tourism Promotion, Trade Mission in USA, NYC 11.2013 Prezentacja „Potential of Polish Facilities in medical tourism sector“
  3. Targi turystyki medycznej, Turcja 2013„Poland your health destination“
  4. International Medical Travel Conference IMTEC 2014, Dubaj „Poland future European medical tourism hub“
  5. Polish Medical Tourism Conference, Berlin ITB, March 2015
  6. CEE Medical Tourism Conference, Budapeszt 2015
  7. Protection of patient’s rights , 2012 „Polish Medical Tourism promotion“
  8. Medical Market Forum „No border for medicine“ October 2013
  9. Mobility for employees sector on medical tourism and tourism in Poland Baltic Forum, „Influence of growing medical tourism market on new jobs in Poland“ June 2013
  10. American Chamber of Commerce, „Polish Medical Tourism Potential“ October 2013
  11. GOT in Gdansk „Future of medical tourism in Gdansk“Novemeber 2013
  12. New trends in tourism, „ Polish Medical Tourism Potential in EU“ Gdańsk, March 2014
  13. 3 Trainings for 20 facilities (participants of the medical tourism project sponsored by Ministry of Economy). Trainings of patient’s facilitations, strategy for medical tourism market, excellence in marketing & sales
  14. Trainings for managers and middle personel in American Heart of Poland
  15. MBA program for healthcare managers on Lazarski University , December 2012
  16. „Effective management in healthcare sector” co financed by PARP, 2013

Exemplary promotial materials for medical providers

Promotion of medical procedures and rehabilitation stays of Swedish patients – blogs in Swedish and English


blog Leny

blog Dennisa