Marketing of medical services

Healthcare marketing

Medical Marketing is a comprehensive strategy of selling medical services and attracting more patients to them. Medical marketing efforts are focused on winning new patients satisfied with the services and willing to recommend them, as well as on improving the existing customer relationships. Creating a strong brand of a healthcare organization providing medical services is relevant. Outstanding medical team is a starting point to a strong position of a hospital or medical center in the international market, and advanced healthcare marketing is a way of achieving it, translating into better financial results in the long term development.

At Medical Travel Partner we not only provide new customers for the entire healthcare industry: clinics, hospitals, physicians and wellness&spa centers – we also train medical and non-medical staff on how to keep the new customers and acquire their recommendations. Our aims are to create, communicate, educate and sale medical services of the highest quality.

Why a provider of medical service should start working  with us?

One of the very first questions any medical organization should ask themself is whomedical-563427_1280 is interested in their medical service. Where are “my patients” and what can I offer them? Segmentation and selection of the target market are the second step, and creating a medical offer fitted to the needs of the chosen target is a challenge that follows.

Developing a valuable medical offer should be based on the awareness of the selected medical solutions and their perception as acceptable, available and, in some but not all cases, inexpensive. The value of a medical service or medical product cannot only be appreciated by a health organization that created or implemented it. What matters is the customer interest and gaining recognition as an organization best supporting patients and their needs.

At Medical Travel Partner we achieve those goals by:

  • conducting comprehensive market research
  • designing products and services fitted to the patients expectations
  • planning appropriate distribution, pricing, forms of advertising, sales promotion and sales management of the medical services

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Communication is the key. Modern communication shall not only be about the medical brand and benefits of the services or products offered. Primarily, it shall focus on the patient – their experience, needs and expectations and their feelings. It is important that every patient is taken care of, every inquiry is answered, every feedback is analized.

Channels of communication in sales of medical services

  • Advertising. Presentation of the services offered by the hospital, clinic or the medical team.
  • Online marketing strategy. Medical articles, communication in social media, usability website and medical ebooks online.
  • Sales Promotion. Supporting sales managers.
  • Promotion events. Activities designed to create interaction with the brand.
  • Public relations. Promoting and protecting the image of the medical entity.
  • Sales and customer services. The interaction with a single patient.
  • Direct Marketing . Direct communication via e-mail, telephone and on the Internet.