Medical Tourism in Poland

Ther is no doubt that the market of medical tourism in Poland has great potential and is growing very fast (+15% yearly according to Grail Research analysis). That’s why Ministry of Economy has identified the medical tourism as one of the fifteen a high export potential sector in Poland and started with EU funded programme promoting Polish medical tourism in 7 countries : Germany, USA, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK.

Majority of the medical tourists in Poland come from Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, Great Britain and the USA. The most popular service are: dental services, plastic surgery, neuro- and cardiosurgical as well as orthopaedic treatments. Patients enjoy visiting Polish wellness, spa and health-resorts too, since they are famous for their unique climate and great treatment results.

A growing interest among foreign patients in the Polish medicine stems from easy access to the world class specialists, high quality services, modern equipment, latest treatment methods and individual patient care. Last but not least prices for treatment in Poland are reasonable, some procedures are even 80 percent cheaper compared to the other European Countries or US. Moreover Poland is situated in the heart of Europe which has an excellent direct flight connections to many parts of the world. There is also numerous great tourist attractions which allow patients stay to longer after the medical care  and encourage them to visit Poland again for holidays.

There is above 500 000 foreign patients yearly in Poland!

Poland has a chance to become an important player on the global market.


Why is worth to invest in medical tourism?

In 2011 the estimation of medical tourists in Poland was 320 k with market value 780 mln PLN.

Polish Association of Medical Tourism

Increase of the market is over 15% annualy. Poland has a chance to become an important player in the global market.

Grail Reaserch report, 2009

EU directive which was implemented in October 2013 about cross border health care will create opportunity for incremental 5 bln PLN annually for Polish National Health Found

Acc. To Polish Hospital Federation

Poland is listed 3rd destination for medical tourism in Europe.

Treatment abroad survey, UK , in 2012, 1046 patients


Most popular medical procedures in Poland for foreign patients:

  • Plastic surgery (breats, face, liposuction)
  • Dentistry (implants, prosthodontis)
  • Cardiology (by-passes, angioplasty)
  • Orthopedics (knee replacement, rehabilitation)
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Ophtalmology procedures(laser corection, catharact)
  • Diagnostic packages (check-up)

Why patients chosing treatment in Poland & Polish facilities?

  • Patients have access to the latest treatment options
  • Patients don’t need to wait for procedures like in their home countries
  • Individual approach for each patient is becoming a standard in most Polish clinics
  • Competetive price allow patient for procedure that they can’t do in their home countries
  • Possibility to choose complex offer and attractive package like procedure + rehabilitation